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  Installation quion:

    Installation failure of drive or hardware
  A. Make sure that the hard disk has a free space of at least 50 MB.
  B. Close all the other programs before installing the drives.

  Use Issue

Insert the modem with SIM/UIM card into the PC card slot, it can run software, data card LCD light is working, but status light doesn’t work?
Status light function: When the modem with SIM/UIM card detect network, and login successfully, it will flash each second. If you don’t login your SIM card in local provider, the software will inform you defect SIM/UIM card, but the statue light don’t flash. Please replace SIM/UIM card or login in local

Insert SIM/UIM card and set successfully, my GPRS/CDMA data card still connect with GPRS/CDMA network?
At first, Check whether the SIM/UIM Card has been inserted into the SIM/UIM Card holder and ensure the SIM/UIM Card is installed in the right direction.
The second, please ensure it is an active GPRS/CDMA account SIM/UIM card
After confirm the above two points, it still can’t connect with network, please try it in another environment

My GPRS/CDMA data card connect with computer successfully, but can't connect with internet.
The first, please confirm that when you insert GPRS/CDMA data card, you had installed driver,
The second, before you use new version driver, please confirm that you had uninstalled old version driver (please refer to uninstall instruction)
The third, please confirm that the driver was installed successfully (No Yellow"? other device"or “! Unknown device”);
At last, please check if the attribute setting of connection is normal at dial up network

  Dial up issue

MODEM’ hardware failure
Problem: Checking portable computers. Most portable computers would be configured with one MODEM. When use the product dialing, information will be transferred to portable computers’ modem.
Resolution: Prohibit using the modem of portable computer.

No dialing sound
Problem: Inserting incorrect card into the products or card has been inserted incorrectly
Resolution: Insert opening network service card?

No reflection of the distant clients
Problem: client end is busy or the signal is not intensive enough
Resolutions: redialing or dialing in another environment

No reflection of the distant computer
Problem: Invalid card
Resolution: Insert an active GPRS/CDMA account SIM/UIM card

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